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** Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, Bala Shruti has shifted online since April 2020 **

This pandemic has completely disrupted all concerts scheduled for this year. We really don't know when this situation will change and we will be able to resume normal operation. However, we felt that the young artists in our community should not become de-motivated due to the pandemic. While not ideal, we decided to continue the Bala Shruti program online

For the duration of the online operation, we invite young artists from all surrounding areas (NY,NJ,CT,PA) to perform Carnatic Music or Bharata Natyam/ Kuchipudi at an upcoming Bala Shruti concert. Please note that we still have attendance requirements, but they are now simplified: You need to attend at least one session before becoming eligible to perform at a later session.

To perform at a Bala Shruti event, please check the following table for vacant slots; Then contact us by filling out this Concert Request form.

IMPORTANT: (1) You must be a member of Bala Shruti to perform. If you are not currently a member, please register here first. Membership in Balashruti is completely free (2)The table is not automatically updated; It will be done manually after reviewing your request. (2) Please note that events may be rescheduled if we do not have enough concerts requested (lines in Orange below)

We hope you will all tune in and encourage these upcoming artists, and preserve their love for music and dance. All concerts will be on the third Saturday of the month. Please join the concerts at http://www.shrutilaya.org/zoom to be able to interact with the artists and encourage them. You can also passively view the Livestream of the event on YouTube at http://www.shrutilaya.org/livestream

Rasikas joining the Zoom session are requested to mute their microphones, and start their video if possible. This will provide a semblance of the live audience, so that the artists can watch the effect on the listeners and get spurred on to greater heights! At the end of each concert (not song!), you may turn on your microphones and applaud the artist. You can also interact with chat messages to the group or privately to the artist

If you prefer not to interact, you may wish to watch on the livestream. There are are no restrictions on joining the livestream. However, if the livestream fails for some reason, you're welcome to join the zoom session.

As geography is no longer a limitation, please pass along this invitation to all your friends, wherever they are located. They can either join the Zoom session if they want to interact, or the YouTube live stream if they just want to watch.

One of the very few advantages of having the Bala Shruti concerts on Zoom is that they can be easily recorded. Starting from the July concert, we also have livestream recordings. These are presented here for your listening and viewing pleasure!