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Welcome to Bala Shruti's concert request page.

Please check the current concert list at the main page and select an open slot that you would like to apply for. Then please fill up the form below, and click .

If you want to make more than one request, please fill out separate forms for each request.

We strongly recommend that everyone first do a MINI CONCERT, and only then do a MAIN CONCERT.

Please note that there are attendance requirements for Bala Shruti concerts. Concert opportunities will only be given to members who attend at least 75% (or 3 out of the last 4) of the events. Mini concert opportunities need 50% (2 out of last 4) attendance These requirements may be waived for visiting or out of state artists at the discretion of Shruti Laya.

Note that future dates are tentative. Concerts may be rescheduled if there are conflicts, especially with Shruti Laya concerts or with other music or dance programs in the community. We will make every effort to coordinate with you if your concert needs to be rescheduled.

Please note that acceptance is not automatic. Your request will be reviewed, and the concert list at the main page will be filled up after acceptance. We will also reach out to you by email.

Questions or comments about this form, please send email to

Concert Request

Please note: Only requests from members of Bala Shruti with good attendance will normally be accepted (specifically, should have attended 3 out of last 4 concerts as of the requested concert date)

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