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2018 Programs

Saturday Feb 10 Thyagaraja Aradhana
Sunday March 11 Sudha Raghunathan, Kamala Kiran Vinjamuri Violin, Vignesh Ramanathan Mrudangam, Sowmya Narayanan Ghatam
Saturday March 17 Rithvik Raja, M.Rajeev Violin, Praveen Sparsh Mrudangam, Anirudh Athreya Kanjira
Sunday April 1 T.V.Sankaranarayanan, K.J.Dileep Violin, V.S.Raghavan Mrudangam
Saturday April 28 (Bala Shruti) Girijashankar Sundaresan, Swetha Narasimhan Violin, Shenthuraan Tharmarajah Mrudangam
Saturday May 19 Malladi Brothers, Embar Kannan Violin, Tumkur Ravishankar Mrudangam
Saturday June 23 Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra Aradhana
Sunday Sept.9 Pantula Rama, M.S.N Murthy Violin, Kotipalli Ramesh Mrudangam
Saturday Sept. 29 Sudharma Vaithianathan, Bharatanatyam
Saturday Oct.20 Vasudha Ravi, K.J.Dileep Violin, V.S.Raghavan Mrudangam
Saturday Dec.1 Composers Day (Shyama Sastry & Devi Compositions)
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Adults: Single: $65 Family $100
Addl. Adults (over 18) in same house: $25 Each
Children under 18: FREE!
5 Free Concerts per year included in membership
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Carnatic Music lovers of Long Island and the Five boroughs of New York, now have Shruti Laya to fulfill their dreams of listening to the favorite artists perform in their neighborhood!

The New York area has a large number of rasikas, with a deep interest in Carnatic music. It still gives them great pleasure to listen to this timeless music. Thanks to the many excellent teachers in this area, they are even able to ensure that their children learn this divine art.

Shruti Laya will strive to satisfy the musical needs of this group, with Great Performances by the masters of music, in our own neighbourhood, at a price we can afford. We will also provide a forum for local artists and children to perform on stage, and organize other music related programs.

The basic objective of Shruti Laya is the "promotion and propagation of Carnatic Musical and other closely related classical music and dance performing arts of India, especially among the second generation immigrants". We want to provide a feast of fine music to the adults, and also make sure that this divine art does not die out with our generation, by encouraging and educating our children to appreciate and perform Carnatic music.

We will keep prices low by spreading the costs over a large member base. ALL Shruti Laya programs will be free for children (18 and under).

Please support this venture. Join as a member of Shruti Laya, and help us bring Carnatic Music to New York.

A cost free way to support Shruti Laya! Click the button on the left to confirm that you want to support Shruti Laya. When you shop at Amazon, start at smile.amazon.com (instead of amazon.com). Everything will be exactly the same as usual - same products, same prices, same service - except that Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to Shruti Laya!