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Ravi Kiran in Concert, October 19, 2008

Lakshmi Hall, Hindu Temple, Flushing NY

Song List
1.Varnam: Valachi Vacchi, Navaragamalika
2.Gananaayakam Bhajeham, Poornashadjam, Dikshitar
3. Tulasi Dalamulache, Mayamalavagowla, Thyagaraja
4. Parvai ondre podume, Surutti, Othukadu Venkata Kavi
5. Manasuloni, Suddha Hindolam, Thyagaraja
6. Ragam Tanam Pallavi, Shanmukhapriya
7. Ene Sukhabhashini, Behag, D.V.Gundappa
8. Mangalam: Pavamaana Suthudu

Fortunate rasikas in the New York were treated to a delightful performance of Sri Ravi Kiran perform on the Chitravina at the Shruti Laya concert on Sunday, October 19. An added attraction for this concert was that all the accompanists were young Indian American artists. Perhaps because he was a child prodigy himself, Sri.Ravi Kiran took great interest in encouraging the young artists Suhas Rao on violin, Rajna on mridangam and Akshay Ananthapadmanabhan on the kanjeera.

Sri. Ravi Kiran started off with the familiar Valachi Vacchi varnam, and then went on to give a virtuoso performance with krithis from a range of composers. The beautiful Othukadu composition Parvai Ondre Podume in Surutti was a real highlight of this concert. Since the krithi is unfamiliar to most rasikas, Sri. Ravi Kiran sang along the lyric to help follow the song. Ragam Tanam Pallavi was in Shanmukhapriya by request, with the Pallavi beginning with "Shruti Laya"! The tani duel between the mridangam and the kanjeera brought on the fireworks - congratulations to the young masters. The violin accompaniment was flawless and the solo portions showed great maturity and deapth. The concert was concluded with a rarely heard composition of D.V.Gundappa in Behag.

Smt. Sharada Chityala introduced the artists and Sri. Sreenadh Jonnavithula thanked the artists and the audience. In keeping with Shruti Laya practice, rasikas from the audience were invited to give an appreciation and to honor the artists. Sri.Parthasarathy from Oriental records, in his appreciation, recalled an early concert of Sri.Ravi Kiran he had attended, when Sri.RK was a child. Sri Krishna Polavarapu, Smt. Satya Pradeep, Smt. Usha Balachandran and Smt. Raji Iyer honored the artists with shawls.

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