Dr. Nishtala Krishnaveni gave a soothing and enjoyable Veena concert on May 24th, Saturday afternoon at Sai Mandir in Baldwin. The fortunate rasikas, as well as the devotees visiting the temple, had a fulfilling experience of listening to the melodious, technically perfect, fast paced Andhra bhani of Veena rendition for 2 hours.

Dr.Krishnaveni had her tutelage under Mallapragada Jogulamba, a well known artiste from AIR, Vizag, and went on to obtain a doctorate in music under Dr.N.Ramanathan at the University of Madras. She has been an A grade veena artiste for over 11 years at AIR Visakhapatnam.

This awesome pedigree was in full evidence as Smt. Krishnaveni's rendering, full of effortless ease and grip over the instrument, kept the audience spellbound. Be it a raga alapana, neraval, thanam or kalpanaswaras, Smt. Krishnaveni's performance was flawless. Beginning with Vatapi Ganapathim in Hamsadhvani, she continued with favourites like Raghuvamsa Sudhaambudi Chandra (Kadanakutuhalam) and rarer songs like Saraswathi Namostute (Saraswathi) and a krithi in Niroshta. The highlight of the performance was an elaborate rendition of Bantureethi Koluvu (Hamsanadam).

Sri Prakash Rao, well known to our area rasikas from his frequent appearances, ably supported Smt. Krishnaveni on the Mridangam.

Smt. Vatsala Gabbur, senior music teacher, gave a musical appreciation at the end of the program, thanking the artists for a wonderful performance.

Shruti Laya thanks Sri. Srinivas Kalasapudi for sponsoring this concert, and the members of the audience for their generous contributions to the artists. We would also like to thank Dr. Nori for kindly allowing the use of the beautiful and spacious main temple hall for this performance.