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Following our hugely successful tradition of celebrating composers' days, Shruti Laya cordially invites you to participate in our twelfth annual Composers day. This will be held on Saturday Dec.14 at the PS 115 auditorium. To all music and dance teachers, please send your student groups to participate. To all students and parents, please contact your teachers and ask to participate. We're counting on you to make this a successful program as always!

Carnatic music is dominated, and rightly so, by the compositions of the Trinity - Thyagaraja, Dikshitar and Shyama Sastry. So much so that it is easy to forget that the Carnatic tradition predates them by hundreds of years! This year, we will focus on the Pre Trinity Compositions. Some of the major composers from this period are (in roughly chronological order) Jayadeva, Annamacharya, Arunagirinathar, Purandaradasa, Muthu Thandavar, Kshetragna, Ramadasu, Narayana Teertha, Sadasiva Brahmendral, Oothukkadu - all giants in their own right! The wide range of compositions available, in many different languages, means that there will be something for everyone, from beginners to experts, singers or dancers.

As usual, this will be a full day program and all students and artists are invited to perform in groups (music or dance) at this event. There will be a participation fee of $5 per artist. There will also be an opportunity for two or three solo mini concerts or dance performances of about 20 minutes each.

In order to have a successful composer's day event and ensure the widest range of participation, we shall have the following rules

  1. Only compositions of Pre Trinity composers (roughly defined as pre 1760) must be sung or performed.
  2. Group participation strongly preferred (Exceptions will be allowed for students learning remotely)
  3. We strongly encourage applications by teachers for their students. However, if there is a group of students learning remotely from the same or different teachers who want to join together to perform in this event, they can also reach out to us directly
  4. Each teacher's group will be allowed 15 minutes. Larger groups (6 or more members) can extend up to 20 minutes.
  5. Accompanists: Participants are free to arrange their own accompanists (violin/mrudangam). There are also likely to be music students who want to accompany, so please let us know if you want us to arrange accompaniments.

As usual, we would like to avoid repetition. Please scroll through the list below, to make sure your choice of Krithis is not already taken.

We now have semi-automatic registration for the event. Please fill out the form below for the items that you wish to perform (separate form for each Krithi) and click Submit. After we review the submissions (usually in a couple of days), they will be added to the list. We will reach out to you if the song you selected has already been allocated to someone else (if they requested the same song ahead of you).

Table of songs selected to date

Song Composer Ragam Talam Type
Chitika vEsitheSarangapaniKalyaniAdiBharatanatyam
Gaayati VanamaaliSadasiva BrahmendraTilangVocal
Kreedati vanamaliSadasiva BrahmendraSindhu BhairaviAdiVocal
Krishnam KalayasakhiNarayana TeerthaVocal
Maadu Meikum KannaeOothukkadu VenkatakaviSenjuruttiAdiVocal
Marakata manimayaOothukkadu VenkatakaviArabhiAdiVocal
Matsya Kurma VarahaAnnamacharyaKapiAdiVocal
Nandanadana GopalaNarayana TeerthaAnanda BhairaviVocal
Narayanathe Namo NamoAnnamacharyaBehagVocal
Puraya mama kamamNarayana TeerthaBilahariVocal
Radhika krishnaJayadevaChandra kaunsAdiVocal
Sharanu BenakanaePurandara DasaHamsadhwaniTriputaVocal
Sreeman NarayanaAnnamacharyaBouliVocal

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Note that your song will not automatically appear in the list above. This will happen after manual verification, usually within a day or two.

Questions or comments about this form, please send email to sreenadh@shrutilaya.org

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